4G OBD GPS Tracker Features

2017/10/27 14:52:43

OBD gps tracker is a GPS locator with OBD second generation on-board diagnostic function, plug-and-play GPS tracker based on OBDII interface, set new products with anti-theft, fault diagnosis, monitoring, alarm first aid and tracking function and integration, Compact, built-in GSM module and GPS module, can immediately monitor and record vehicle speed and location, support for regional fence and abnormal alarm, SMS SMS channel, remote monitoring, to ensure worry. 1 seconds to install, plug and play, mainly used in vehicle location management, vehicle failure warning, vehicle inspection, and fuel consumption statistics and safe driving support analysis.

OBD GPS tracker Product Features:

1, high reliability of the circuit design, in line with the automotive electronics industry standards.

2, built-in high-performance GPS chipset. In the weak state of the signal can be accurately positioned.

3, built-in GSM / GPRS module, support GSM900 / 1800MHz (850/1900), can work around the world.

4, the new support OBD Ⅱ automotive interface standards.

5, support SMS communication or GPRSTCP connection, through SMS to receive location information, or view the trajectory on the Internet.

6, with voice calls (need to access headphones)

7, the product can now read out the vehicle mileage statistics, oil consumption, average fuel consumption, engine temperature, engine speed, maximum speed, minimum speed, voltage, oil pressure, fuel air than ten vehicle status data through OBD Ⅱ interface.

8, with SOS help function, off the oil and electricity functions, external power line cut alarm function, electronic fence function, speed alarm, historical data upload, stop the traffic and upload tracking and other functions.

 At present our company Great-will launch new models 4G OBD GPS Tracker, model: TR09B

4G OBD GPS Tracker Product advantages:

Qualcomm 4G program (backward compatible with 3G / 2G)

Support 4G FDD LTE network

Switzerland U-BLOX7 GPS chip

Protocol is open, compatible with third party platform;

Can be OEM, can be customized

Support for Apple / Android APP

Through CE certification

The master chip is certified by the carrier


1 Introduction

TR09B an latest support for 4G network OBD GPS Tracker. Through the mobile phone short message to the target remote location tracking, through the Internet query tracker real-time location, historical track and so on.


2. main function


Real-time location view

Remote monitoring

Track view

LBS positioning

electric fence

Speed alarm

Low alarm

Power saving mode

Mileage statistics


3. Product specifications


 project:Specification reference

size:67 * 50 * 25mm


Input voltage:12V-24V

Built-in battery:130mAh / 3.7v

4G band:MP90-A

700/1700 / 1900MHz @ FDD LTE

850/1700 / 1900MHz @ UMTS


800/850/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz @ FDD

850/900 / 2100MHz @ UMTS

900 / 1800MHz @ GSM


Standby power consumption 30mA

GPS chip U-Blox7

Channel 56

Positioning accuracy of 10 meters

Sensitivity -162dBm

Hot start 1s

Warm start 15s

Cold start 30s

Operating temperature

20 ° C to 60 ° C


5% to 95% non-condensing

Antenna built-in 4G / GPS antenna

Sensor 3D

LED indicator SYS / GPS

Certification CE

4G obd gps tracker