A few points about installing the GPS positioning device

2019/12/23 18:21:11

How is the GPS positioning device installed, how is it placed, and what are the requirements for the installation environment? Why does the same product have different effects when used in different cars? What are the reasons that affect the positioning accuracy of GPS positioning device? I believe this is a question in the minds of many car owners. As far as I know, many car owners just throw it in the car after buying the tracker and start using it. We don’t recommend it. Because the positioning accuracy of a car's GPS positioning device depends not only on the workmanship, material, and chip of the device itself, but also on the environment and external weather factors in which the GPS positioner is located, three aspects must be considered. So, how to install a GPS tracker?


GPS positioning device installation location selection


The choice of GPS positioning device installation position is very important. We know that the positioner is an electronic product. It is well known that the sensitivity and life of electronic products will be affected by environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and signal source. So the place of installation should be waterproof, shockproof, anti-interference, and protect it accordingly.


GPS positioning device

A. Waterproofing: Choose a location where it is not easy to enter the water to ensure that the terminal is dry. Pay attention to stay away from the air outlet of the air conditioner to prevent condensation from accumulating inside the terminal when the temperature difference changes, which will seriously affect service life of product.


B. Anti-vibration: The GPS tracker cannot be installed in a floating position for a long period of time. It can be fixed with a cable tie, strong magnetic adsorption, or stick with a strong Velcro.


C. High temperature and low temperature resistance: Electronic products have a working temperature range, such as ultra-long standby positioner AT-2 of Huizhou Great-Will Industrial Co, Ltd. The working temperature range is -20 ~ + 70 . If this temperature range is exceeded, a malfunction will occur. Some car owners install the positioner directly near the roof or exhaust pipe of the car. This is very undesirable in summer. In the sun, the temperature of the roof may reach 80-100 degrees or more. This can severely damage the equipment. The same applies to cold weather. When the ambient temperature exceeds the normal working temperature range of the terminal, it is recommended to power off.


GPS positioning device

D. Anti-dust: There is a lot of dust on the road, and the backlog of dust covers the surface of the GPS locator and penetrates into the inside of the device, affecting the positioning accuracy and life.


E. Anti-interference: The GPS locator should be kept away from electronic equipment such as video and audio and intercom in the car to prevent conducted interference and radiation interference.


GPS positioning antenna should face up


If a car owner who has purchased a GPS tracker pays attention to it, he often finds the label "GPS antenna receiving surface, placed horizontally" on the device. It is clearly marked on the top of the device. When we give the equipment to our customers, we remind them that the receiving side should be facing up and the horizontal inclination should not be greater than 15 ° during installation.


GPS positioning device

Why does the GPS positioning antenna need to face up? The reason is very simple. The GPS satellite signal is vertically downward, and the side that receives the GPS signal antenna is directly facing down. In this way, the sub-signal reception must be discounted. Some car owners and enterprises do not pay attention to these details when purchasing a GPS locator, which often results in inaccurate positioning. When it comes to this, it must be mentioned that the GPS signal has a characteristic that it cannot penetrate metal objects and concrete structures, so when installing the locator, there must be no metal objects above the GPS antenna. Many car owners will be on the body to protect the car. Car film and body film have a great impact on the GPS signal reception, and even directly block the signal. This point, all car owners should pay attention. Some car owners hide the locator in a very hidden place for the concealment of the equipment installation. In this way, it is actually not conducive to the reception of GPS signals. This is why many devices require professionals to commission the installation.


Avoid GPS Tracker Low Battery


When installing a GPS locator, in order to avoid inaccurate positioning, you should also pay attention to the remaining power of the locator, especially those GPS-free locators without wiring and installation. The battery power is too low, which can easily lead to drift, deviation and other results.