About gps tracker devices of geo-fence

2017/6/13 10:07:10

Geo-fence is composed of electronic fence and front fence. Electronic fence host is to produce and receive high voltage pulse signal, and the front-end detection pens are in a state of net, short circuit, open circuit can generate alarm signal, and the invasion of the signal is sent to the security alarm centers; Front-end detection fences consist of pole and metal wire components, such as physical perimeter.


Now the social common beidou system and GPS system, GPS tracker devices have a feature is the electronic fence. So what is it doing? It turns out that the electronic fence is in testing platform or APP electronic map, framed travel routes, parking and operation range, once the car out of this range, there will be a text message alert. Both improve security and regulating the administration of the vehicle.


Electronic fence common application range: cash, dangerous goods vehicles, bus, long-distance bus, travel, groups, logistics, freight trucks, truck, car, a car, car, etc.


The application of electronic fence to ensure the safety of a lot of important items has brought people's lives convenient shows the importance of the development of science and technology. If you worry about the car stolen, sometimes travel for parking place is not at ease, when selecting a locator, had better choose to have functions of the electronic enclosures car locator, the safety of cars, a safeguard.