Advantages and disadvantages of free installation GPS tracker

2019/7/11 9:34:00

Currently the most common GPS trackers on the market are generally divided into: wiring, installation-free and obd mode, so let us talk about the topic of free installation GPS tracker today.

Free installation GPS tracker, can be divided into: car GPS tracker, personal GPS tracker, pet GPS tracker. Below, we focus on the car-mounted free installation GPS tracker.

First, the advantages of free installation GPS tracker

1, free of installation procedures, you can choose to place a place

Free installation GPS tracker's working power comes from the built-in battery, so you can freely place the car at any position, and use strong magnetic adsorption on the bottom of the car and other hidden places, where to put where you want to put.


2, small size, strong concealment

Because it is not bound by the power cord, the GPS tracker can be placed arbitrarily, such as randomly attached to the hidden parts of the car chassis, seats, lampposts, etc., which is difficult to find.


3, the installation is simple, no professional training is required

No wiring, and when installing, the owner does not need to go through professional technical training, but also can find a suitable "home" for it, and it can save costs without having to hire a professional master to install.

free installation GPS tracker

4, not easily detected by interference

Since the wireless GPS tracker must wake up at the specified time, it is possible to grasp the monitoring time and be more flexible. To a large extent, signal shielding or detector interference can be effectively avoided.


5, higher security performance

Today, most car loan and rental customers know that the GPS tracker will be installed on the vehicle. People with ulterior motives along the power line can easily find the wired GPS tracker, and after removal, the positioning function is invalid, and the free installation GPS tracker can be hidden. , thereby greatly improving the tampering.


Second, the disadvantages of free installation GPS tracker

1, the consumption of electricity

The working power without the gps tracker comes from the built-in battery and does not depend on the power supply. Because of this, the power supply of the free installation GPS tracker has a service life, and the service life of the battery depends on the frequency of position information transmission.


2, can not achieve oil cut control

Free installation GPS tracker can not do remote power cuts and power outages for a while, there is a certain inconvenience for companies with special needs.