Advantages of wireless gps tracker

2019/5/7 14:08:37

Free installation wireless gps tracker, strong magnetic adsorption, can be placed at will:

The installation of the wireless gps tracker is free from the built-in battery, so you can place the car anywhere, or magnetize it in a hidden place such as the rear of the car.

Free installation of wireless gps tracker is small and concealed:

Because it is not bound by the power cord, the gps tracker can be placed freely. If it is arbitrarily absorbed in a hidden place such as the chassis, seat, lamppost, etc., it is difficult to find.

Free installation of wireless gps tracker, easy to install, no professional training required:

No wiring is required. When installing, the owner does not need to go through professional technical training, and can also find a suitable "home" for it, and does not need to hire a professional master to install, so it saves costs.


Free installation of wireless gps tracker is not easy to detect interference:

Because the wireless GPS installation-free locator must be woken up at the specified time, the monitoring time can be mastered, the flexibility is stronger, and the interference of the signal shielding device or the detector is largely avoided.

Free installation of wireless gps tracker for higher security:

Today, most car loan and rental customers know that GPS-free installation locators will be installed on the vehicle. The wired GPS-free installation locator is easy to find its hiding place along the power line by people with ulterior motives. be of no effect. No need to install the positioner because it can be hidden, thus greatly improving the tamper resistance.