Alzheimer's anti-lost personal locator to prevent the elderly from losing

2019/9/17 14:56:45

The number of elderly people over the age of 65 is increasing, and the number of Alzheimer's patients closely related to the elderly is also increasing.Old people with Alzheimer's disease are easily lost, and how should we prevent it? Wearing a dementia anti-lost personal locator is a good choice.  But at the same time, we must also do the following:


1. Put a personal identification card in the pocket of the elderly, and write the name, address, phone number, etc. on the top.


2. Don't let older people go out alone, and it's best not to bring older people to places with more people or more complicated traffic.


3. Older people should have more photos, and if they are lost, they can provide the police with the latest photos.

 personal locator

4. If the elderly are found to have lost interest in the surrounding affairs and are prone to temper, they should take the elderly to the hospital for examination and let the elderly maintain a positive attitude.


5. Create a personal identification card. Put the personal identification card in the pocket of the elderly, and record the personal information of the elderly or the contact information of the family and the main symptoms disposal methods.


6. Strengthen the memory of the elderly. From time to time, you should always teach the elderly to memorize the family’s phone number or work unit, or teach the elderly to remember the detailed address of the account, or teach the elderly to remember the famous buildings around the home, such as shopping malls, sales markets, schools, parks, or residential community name, etc.


While doing the above, we recommend to wear the Alzheimer's anti-lost personal locator to the elderly. The Great-will GT012 human locator is small and convenient, allowing the elderly to carry it with them. 16 major functions, 4 major innovations, one-button SOS, all for the elderly and children.