Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of GPS tracker use simply

2019/6/14 9:31:05

First, the advantages of GPS tracker use

1. Global positioning. The number of GPS satellites is large and evenly distributed, ensuring that at least four GPS satellites can be observed at any time anywhere on the planet, ensuring global all-weather continuous navigation and positioning services (except for thundering and lightning).

2. High positioning accuracy. The relative positioning accuracy of GPS can reach 10-6m within 50km, 10-7m for 100-500km, and 10-9m for 1000km. In the precision positioning of 300-1500m engineering, the plane position error of the solution is less than 1mm when it is observed for more than 1 hour. Compared with the side length measured by the ME-5000 electromagnetic wave range finder, the side length difference is 0.5mm, the error in the correction is 0.3mm.

3. The observation time is short. With the continuous improvement of the GPS tracker use system, the relative static positioning within 20km takes only 15-20 minutes; when each rover is within 15KM from the reference station, the observation time of the rover is only 1-2 minutes; In dynamic positioning mode, each station observation takes only a few seconds.

4. There is no need to look through the stations. GPS surveying only requires the station to be wide open, and does not require the stations to look at each other, so the construction of the target is no longer required.

5, the instrument is easy to operate. With the continuous improvement of GPS receivers, GPS measurement is becoming more and more automated, and some have become "stupid".

6, can provide global unified three-dimensional geocentric coordinates. The GPS tracker level can meet the accuracy of the fourth level measurement. In addition, the GPS tracker positioning is calculated in the global unified WGS-84 coordinate system, so the measurement results in different locations around the world are interrelated.

7, adaptability. GPS is more adaptable and requires very little environmental. Such as deserts, mountains, islands, and so on.

GPS tracker use

Second, the disadvantages of GPS use

1, GPS tracker can not be 100% positioning, indoor positioning is more inaccurate. The GPS tracker is also affected by many aspects, including buildings, viaducts, radio waves, etc. In general, the more accurate the positioning of GPS in the more empty places.

2. Influenced by the state of the sky satellite. Do not use GPS once or twice or two or two to determine the quality of the GPS. Because the sky satellite status is different every day, maybe the same place, the morning signal is full, but it can't be located at night. Even the situation that cannot be located for several days has occurred.

3, indoors can not be located. Since the GPS is a direct signal from the receiving satellite, GPS cannot be used indoors. However, basically there is no point in indoor positioning. At least I will not navigate at home.

4, GPS instruments are different, the effect may be different.