Automotive GPS tracker application and application industry

2019/6/13 11:09:34

The main purpose of the Automotive GPS tracker is to provide enterprises and institutions with a management service platform for mobile terminal location services. The platform can provide users with real-time location information and trajectory tracking services of mobile terminals, helping enterprises to expand management methods, reduce management costs, and improve management efficiency.


Typical application industries include: logistics companies, management fleets, bus management, insurance companies, power companies, oil companies, communication companies, taxi companies, automobile sales companies, car-scale leasing companies, car LTL leasing companies, car riders, small and medium-sized enterprises. Enterprise fleet, car maintenance personnel, automotive technology researchers, personal car owners.

Automotive GPS tracker

1, Automotive GPS tracker can save costs for the enterprise

The Automotive GPS tracker calculates the statistics of the unloading and parking time, the mileage statistics, the statistics of the road and bridge toll stations, and the calculation of the fuel consumption. It is convenient for the company to coordinate and manage the vehicle operating costs.

The Automotive GPS tracker can perform track playback, mileage statistics, stop time statistics, highway bridge fee statistics, parking and air-conditioning statistics, prevent bad drivers from stealing oil, private use of buses, and false reporting of road and bridge costs.


2, Automotive GPS tracker improves vehicle efficiency

The Automotive GPS tracker can be managed by the company's computer to achieve real-time monitoring, flexible scheduling of vehicles, reduce the situation of lack of cars and empty cars, improve vehicle use efficiency, enhance corporate strength and competitiveness;


3, Automotive GPS tracker for the enterprise to regulate regional operational order

The Automotive GPS tracker can pre-design the maximum range of vehicle travel and set the electronic fence. Once the vehicle leaves the set range, the monitoring center promptly prompts, and can also view the records afterwards, providing a basis for enterprises to regulate regional operational order and maintain market operation order;

 Automotive GPS tracker

4, Automotive GPS tracker makes cost management more effective

After the use of the positioning system, the company's out-of-town personnel and vehicle management have reduced some unnecessary expenses, such as telephone sampling statistics, false reporting costs, resource waste, etc., the company's cost management is more efficient than before; at the same time, the financial department and the sales department are improved. Understanding, mutual trust and cooperation make the company's operation and management smoother.


5, Automotive GPS tracker makes company decisions more scientific

Through the comparative analysis between work plan, statistical report and positioning system information, the company management personnel can find out the problems existing in the current work, and then the company can formulate corresponding countermeasures, strategies and supporting management measures to make the company's strategy formulation. , task assignment, resource allocation is more efficient, and company decisions are more scientific.