Best vehicle gps tracking solutions

2018/6/26 16:38:00

Best vehicle gps tracking solutions

vehicle gps tracking solutions is used by more and more people because it plays a very important role in fleet management. Tracking Solutions Telematics can be placed on almost any machine from any manufacturer.Manufacturer agnostic hardware and software frees you from dependencies on Proprietary hardware and software.You are able to acquire Plant, Equipment and motor vehicles that's right for your business and manage them, irrespective of manufacturer, age of equipment or geographic location.Simple, easy to understand reporting.

Great-Will vehicle gps tracking solutions + Vehicle Security Information Management Platform (No Monthly Fee)

Best vehicle gps tracking solutions recommended: wired real-time positioning GPS locator


Function introduction:

The TR05/TR07 positioner is compact, simple, without any light, and has good concealment;

Advantages: Stable performance, automatic recovery in case of crashes, able to transmit data 24 hours a day, for real-time tracking! The

The product adopts Taiwan MTK MediaTek's solutions and chips, positioning accuracy of about 5 meters

And the product is ultra-stable, the equipment works 24 hours, and the historical trajectory is reserved for 2 months. The Best vehicle gps tracking solutions platform has the function of statistical report printing, speed statistics, mileage statistics, residence time and location statistics, speeding alarm, power off alarm, offline alarm and so on! 

The Applicable industries: financial credit, car rental, cargo tracking, tracking investigation, enterprises and institutions, logistics and transportation, etc.

feature of product: 

1. GPS+LBS Dual Positioning: Faster and More Accurate Positioning

2. Real-time location: Smart upload location information, upload about 5 seconds

3. Three-color LED display: understand the working status of the terminal at any time

4 dual-core intelligent control: anti-crash mechanism, automatic recovery in case of failure

5 installation is simple and flexible: the product is small and easy to hide

6. Press-free key: work on power

7. A variety of ways to query: Web version, mobile APP, WeChat

8. Wide voltage range: 9-36VDC, suitable for 12V/24V models

Wireless magnetic GPS tracking 


TR21 is a rechargeable, built-in strong magnetic installation-free long standby GPS locator, GPS+LBS dual positioning, EPO assisted positioning, support for GPS seconds positioning, high-level tamper technology: light sense tamper, anti-counterfeiting base station detection, Detective anti-counterfeiting base station alarms and other high security factors, intelligent low-power power-saving mode can be used for three years. 

The Applicable models: vehicle leasing, car loan management, tracking investigation, logistics transportation of valuables, cargo tracking and positioning, etc.

feature of product: 

Rechargeable, large capacity battery, cigarette pack size

High-level tamper

6800 mA rechargeable lithium battery, long standby, two months of real-time tracking, three-year regular tracking. 

The With anti-counterfeiting base station detection, anti-counterfeiting base station alarm, light sense tamper alarm function. 

The GPS seconds positioning support EPO assisted positioning function, greatly enhance the positioning effect

Built-in magnetic free installation

Built-in strong magnets, free installation of wiring, will not damage the original car route, can be placed in the car or any hidden car chassis, adsorption, concealed. The

Two working modes

Normal real-time positioning mode and power-saving timing mode, the two operating modes are free to switch. 

The above two devices are GPS positioning anti-theft devices, Best vehicle gps tracking solutions (all free of charge). We are a GPS professional engaged in the development of GPS positioning monitoring service platform and hardware development test of Beidou/GPS positioning terminal, and related product research and development The main high-tech company!

The company's main business scope includes: logistics GPS, cargo GPS, bus GPS, taxi GPS, private car GPS, driving school vehicle GPS, dangerous goods GPS, long-distance passenger GPS, ship and other industries vehicle monitoring services!

The company independently researches and develops the Best vehicle gps tracking solutions and is stable; it independently develops smart phone clients and better fits users' habits! And the company can assist customers to transfer the equipment to the company's own platform, which can save the cost of customer monitoring.

 The new technology upgrade uses GPS satellite + base station dual-mode technology, refused to shield, 24-hour stable positioning, gps tracker small size, ultra-low power consumption, hidden, silent, quietly guard your car.

The Great-Will Best vehicle gps tracking solutions provides a variety of mobile phone, computer, and WeChat check methods, has a stable vehicle monitoring platform, positioning and query platform, easy to operate. The platform has stable functions and can easily perform functions such as positioning, fuel cutoff, track search, fence setting, and real-time street view viewing. Support the establishment of electronic fence, when the car away, give you a message to remind you so that you know.