Can 2G Vehicle GPS Tracker Use 3G Card

2018/6/20 12:01:30

Those who start using GPS tracker know the benefit on making fleet daily work be more smoother. Now GPS tracking device is operating with 2G connectivity. 3G connectivity is the new application in GPS tracking.

The gps trackers track the signal from satellites, it has nothing to do with 2g or 3G networks which provide signal for phone. So a GPS tracker is neither 2G or 3G, and it should work anywhere on earth surface.

But there is a technology called AGPS which uses the network signal and known position of basestations to help GPS receivers position faster and lock on satellite quicker.

GPS tracker main base on the Communication chipset. the 2G unit use 2G GSM chip(such as MTK, SIMcom, Quectel etc.) and it only can connect with 2G channel. so the 2G unit can not work under 3G/4G network.

In the market some devices said it support 3G sim card but notice not 3G network, they are different.

Now many countries are shutting down 2G network, because the 2G network takes a lot of resources to support the small market like GPS tracking or car alarm. also the smart devices and mobile data traffic grew, the demand for faster speeds is increasing. for the future, the 3G/4G GPS Tracker is the better choose than 2G devices.

I assume when you write 2G GPS tracker, you mean one of those trackers which transmit location over 2G network so that you can track someone. If the tracker is meant to work only on 2G network, it will NOT work on a 3G network as these are two fundamentally different communication techniques. Where as if the GPS tracker has support for 2G and 3G, it will function.

What is the difference between 2G and 3G? 

Let’s check this parameter

the speed of data transmission in a device using 2G network is less than 50,000 bits per second (reported by Enginners Garage). the speed of 3G network is over 4 million bits per second.

So is that mean the speed is the difference between them? Then why i should use 3G GPS tracker? the cost of 3G is much higher than 2G, is that worth? 

Of course it is worth. this speed will make huge change to your business. 

As we know, network is not a stable thing, many things can affect the stability , and lower speed will make tracker operation be worse. For example. theft tows the car away while it is parking . You would get movement alert. but that is not happen. GPS tracker take longer time to transfer alert data to system.  As network is unstable, the transfer interrupts, no data to system, no alert sends to you. The result is that client lose the car and you lose the business, that cost is much higher than using 3G.

3G connectivity, which is faster than 2G 80 times, is able to complete data transfer before network is down. You can get complete data, all operation will be done as in schedule.  No case like getting online offline time after time, no response, etc. 

Further more, 3G network allows GPS tracker to get higher update. Shorter time interval, get reports with full details for vehicle maintenance, driver’s analytic, etc. Video tracking is possible, that may make a new level of GPS tracking. 

Can 3G be used to support 2G Gps tracker? Mainly to see whether its positioner supports 3G SIM card. If it supports both 2G and 3G, then this is the best positioner. Because the communication cards used in the general country are related to local operators. This is best consulted vehicle gps tracker service providers, whether to support 3G card binding and positioning information.