Car GPS locator off-line reasons

2017/10/6 11:47:48

Car GPS locator Many people have used, but in the course of use, most owners will encounter a problem, that is, GPS locator will be off-line situation, then what is the reason for this? What is the solution? The Let me come and discuss with you!

1, car GPS locator SIM card arrears state.

Solution: Contact the network operator to pay and then restart!

2, gps locator tracker no electricity.

Solution: gps locator tracker in the shutdown or power off when the offline, the first step with the phone to dial the device SIM card number, if you can not get through and send text messages to the device number did not reply, that is, the device power or Supply line current and voltage instability caused by.

3, gps locator tracker communication module (GSM module) a problem.

Solution: Contact the manufacturer to replace the GSM module!

4, in the signal blind spot, such as the vehicle in the underground parking lot, the tunnel signal weak area

Solution: This situation is a relatively common situation, the platform can not receive the car GPS locator information, it is recommended to leave the signal area is poor.

5, the Vehicle gps tracker antenna bad.

Solution: can only be replaced!

6, SIM card contact is not good;

Workaround: Reinstall the SIM card

7, gps locator tracker module sensitivity is reduced, can not be positioned.

GPS receiver sensitivity is mainly determined by two aspects: First, the receiver front of the entire signal path gain and noise performance, and second, the baseband part of the algorithm performance. Among them, the receiver front end determines the received signal to reach the baseband part of the signal to noise ratio, and baseband algorithm determines the demodulation, capture, tracking process can tolerate the minimum signal to noise ratio.

Solution: Select the high sensitivity of the manufacturers

8, gps locator tracker installed in the vicinity of metal objects, the device can not receive satellite signals issued by the satellite.

9, the device is turned off (not boot or no electricity)

Solution: Let the device is in the boot state; landing monitoring platform (mobile APP, computer platform) to check the amount of electricity to determine whether there is electricity;

10, the server did not receive the reported data

Solution: may be a car GPS locator device problems, it may be a problem with the server. Can be timely contact with customer service, the equipment does not report the data or appear offline conditions clear, easy to better solve the problem.