Car GPS locator rescue the family

2017/7/18 10:53:24

This is a story because the GPS car locator saved the family.

《Taken》has a total of three , 《TakenⅠ》main plot is character Brian's daughter is a minor with a friend to go abroad, because the paralysis is lured away, father for launched a disaster rescue.

《Taken Ⅲ》than 《TakenⅠ》critical, the 《TakenⅠ》, although the situation is also very dangerous, but at least Brian is free.

 In the 《Taken Ⅲ》,Brian is not only to save her daughter, to save their own. Brian finally with his wife from the good, but unfortunately did not last long. His wife was murdered, the body was placed on the bed of Brian, the scene was also made to be made by Brian. Brian vowed to find the murderer, refused to police arrest, Brian knew the order of investigation, the first to start is the ex-wife's walking routes and mobile communications records.

Soon from the Car GPS Tracker in the data to find a breakthrough and found his wife in the night before the accident went to a very remote gas station, was also abducted, and thus find the gas station monitoring, lock the suspect the largest Characteristics.

Through the investigation, the fact is actually Stewart owed the gang of people, to help his wife bought a huge insurance, through the murder of his wife to get compensation to pay off debts.

Yes, the play is one of the most critical car GPS locator, if Brian doesn’t have car GPS Tracker data, there will not be a series of major clues.

Out of their own safety considerations and the safety of the car to consider, remember to load the car with a car GPS locator.

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