Car GPS tracker installation method

2018/2/2 11:20:18

Car gps tracker installation, can ensure that the car was effectively monitored twenty hours. This is a responsible manifestation of the safety of the car, but the mounting position is still very important during the installation of the positioner, if the method of installation is incorrect or too prominent and extremely easy to remove. Understand the installation process of attention, so that the installation of effective change.

Method One: Select the windshield for installation

Because the gps locator and the car's internal power supply connection, so as to ensure that all day monitoring in the positioning, so the front windshield is next to the power supply where the locator installation easy operation. However, the hidden place or need to carefully choose to see the general experienced operators will be installed in the windshield and decorative plate itself, where the appearance can not see at the same time and the power of the distance closer to facilitate the operation and delivery Electric treatment. In the installation process to see if the windshield is installed above the heating layer, because some vehicles in winter in order to avoid the frost, will add some heating layer inside to get rid of the fog, at this time if the locator installed inside, receiving The effect of the signal will also have a certain impact, so before installation we still pay special attention.

Method two: around the dashboard

Some friends think gps tracker is still installed in the car more at ease, this time you can install the locator around the dashboard, the general car will have a card slot inside, select one of the gap looks larger slot, the Which is installed in which it is particularly crucial and important for improving the positioning effect in the future.

Method three: inside the bumper

Some people find the bumper is a good place to install the car GPS positioning device, but we note that the water inside to be very good, to avoid the locator inside the water injection crisis, resulting in a certain orientation of the orientation of the situation, thus affecting the Routine positioning accurate output of the situation.

gps tracker in the installation of a strong flexibility, this time as long as the owners pay attention to signal strength, waterproof performance is good or bad, and the distance between the charger and these factors can help owners easily complete the installation, very Large solution to the car owners worried about being stolen car crisis awareness occurred.