Car GPS tracking device favored by the financial institutions

2018/1/5 11:16:13

The GPS terminal is the front-end equipment of the vehicle monitoring and management system, and is generally hidden in various vehicles. The GPS terminal equipment is mainly composed of GPS server equipment. The main product is a Car GPS tracking device. Features a real-time positioning, electronic fence, track playback, remote lock car, off the oil control, remote listening, speeding alarm, oil testing, inflection point supplement and other functions, by the financial institutions of all ages.

Here we will briefly introduce several functions of the vehicle positioning terminal, as follows:

1, real-time location: By visiting the "Great-will GPS tracker system platform", real-time status and location of the current vehicle.

2, track playback: By visiting the "Great-will GPS tracker system platform", you can view the vehicle's trajectory within 90 days to see when the vehicle driving the road, speed and so on.

3, intelligent alarm: When the car collision, speeding or car locator off, the alarm will be.

4, off control: SMS or "Great-will GPS tracker system platform" to send instructions to the car GPS locator device, the car off the oil, the circuit to achieve the purpose of locking the car.

5, electronic fence: through the "Great-will GPS tracker system platform" to the current vehicle set a certain driving area, when the vehicle travel beyond the scope of this area, it will upload data and alarm.

6, Inflection point supplement: When the vehicle gps positioning terminal angle greater than a certain point of view, immediately upload a location data to optimize the trajectory.

7, remote listening: You can always dial the SIM card number above the device for real-time monitoring of vehicle sound.

8, the blind spot replenishment: terminal positioning is not online, the device will automatically store data, how much 600, and so on when the signal is stable on the line will upload.

See the above function of Car GPS tracking device, you know the Car GPS tracking device favored by the financial institutions of the reason!

Great-will vehicle positioning terminal can control the vehicle position, driving status, 24-hour monitoring of vehicle movements, vehicle anomaly alarm, vehicle risk analysis and so on, fully meet the needs of various industries to intelligent monitoring of vehicles, scheduling management, safety protection, asset wind Control and other needs.

Car GPS tracking device