Comparison between OBD Tracker and Magnetic GPS Tracker

2018/6/11 17:04:30

Magnetic GPS Tracker : Wireless GPS Tracker, GPS locators that are mounted using powerful magnets.

OBD GPS Tracker: Similar to the cable locator, only one more OBD port cable can be directly connected to the car OBD interface.

What is OBD?

OBD (On-Board Diagnostic System), or "On-Board Diagnostic System," also known as on-board diagnostics, is the input and output interface for digital car information. This makes cars no longer purely mechanical devices, but information devices that generate data at all times. The intelligence and information are inextricably linked, so the true car networking or smart car will inevitably use the OBD interface.

From 2007 to now, cars have generally OBD interfaces, and relevant departments will use OBD to conduct high-emission monitoring of automobiles. Now it has become the key information exporter of intelligent cars.

OBD can collect the basic data and positioning data of the car and analyze the data to formulate plans for car maintenance or change the way car insurance quotes. The magnetic GPS locator seems to only change the installation method, so it seems that OBD GPS Tracker slightly better.

OBD Tracker and Magnetic GPS Tracker.png

However, most car owners or car loan industry installation of GPS Tracker is nothing more than to ensure the safety of vehicles, and now the lawless activities are rampant. They also need the function of anti-shielding and anti-detection. The OBD locator is connected to the car's OBD interface. It is not easy to hide, it is easily detected and destroyed, and normal positioning functions cannot be achieved. The strong magnetic GPS Tracker, itself has anti-shielding and anti-detection, the volume is relatively small, easy to hide, not easy to find. Strong magnetic GPS Tracker are more welcome and accepted by the market.

OBD Tracker and Magnetic GPS Tracker  (2).jpg

Therefore, strong magnetic GPS Tracker is still the current trend of GPS positioning industry.