DIY Big Animal GPS Tracker-400 days Long Standby

2017/5/27 17:27:27

Big Animal,such as cow and horse, are very common in South Africa, Russia, and other countries have big farm. Animals will go to feed for long times, even for years. After feeding, some cows are hurt or lost.

One of our clients, from South Africa, has complaint about this problem. So we design a tracker for his cows. 

1, Battery of trackers can't standby 400days. 

2, Waterproof

3, The neckbag is soft and adjustable. 

4, Cow owner can use app to track location and set Geo-Fence of one range , once cows leave that range ,devices will send alarm to owner.

Our clients are very thankful and glad that we can solve his problem. 

DIY Big Animal GPS Tracker -1.jpg

DIY Big Animal GPS Tracker.jpg