Difference between Kids GPS Watch Tracker and Kids GPS Phone

2017/6/26 11:38:44

Children’s problem is a popular topic in the world. Each year, the country will develop some corresponding initiatives for children’s security problems, but still cannot avoid the problem of children and other problems. With the high-tech equipment continues to civilian, Kids gps watch tracker, kids gps phone arises at the historic moment in the market demand.


About Kids GPS Watch Tracker

Kids GPS Watch Tracker is a smart wear equipment products, with fashion, personality and other characteristics, low radiation, environmentally friendly materials, low cost ; it is very suitable for 3~13 years old children. GW GPS Watch has functions of real-time tracking, two-way communication, SOS emergency call, take-off alarm, etc,.


What’s the difference between Kids GPS Watch and Kids GPS Mobile?

Children's mobile phone, also known as children's mobile phone, kindergarten mobile phone specifically for 2-7 year-old children and design, manufacture of mobile phone products, compared with ordinary mobile phones, children's mobile phone design cartoon design, and function customization. It has a GPS positioning function, there is no online games, etc., both to protect the child's safety, but also allow children to better study.


Children locator, also called children lost; preventer, personal positioning terminal, it is designed especially for children and the old man a anywhere precise query the position of the individual, and seven days of trajectory playback function of the product. This product combines the current communication field and scientifically intelligent monitoring in the field of GPS technology, GPS technology, GIS technology and AGPS technology, built a including positioning terminal, positioning platform and mobile phone short message, the wireless positioning system.