Difference between OBD and ordinary locator

2020/2/28 11:14:10

 OBD Locator

The OBD locator works through the vehicle's OBD-II port. In some auto repair shops, the mechanic just needs to plug a small device into the car to get information about the car's malfunction. Similarly, OBD car locator can get information from your car through the same port. The difference from other car trackers is that in addition to obtaining vehicle information, OBD can also obtain location information.

Ordinary GPS locators often think of tracking and positioning only, and establish a connection with the satellite to find the location of the positioning device. According to the classification of locator devices, ordinary GPS locators can be used to locate many different things other than cars. However, their permanent positioning characteristic is: location. Ordinary locators ignore the richness of information in order to achieve versatility. Therefore, when a car specially researched by the OBD locator appeared, the ordinary GPS locator did not disappear from the market.


 What are the advantages of OBD in vehicle tracking?

 OBD Locator

1.It is mainly easy to install and use.

Just find the OBD port in your vehicle (usually located under the steering wheel above the accelerator pedal) and installation is easy. You only need to put the small device into the slot, and the car's health status and maintenance data will be automatically exported, and then the relevant equipment manufacturer can clearly view the car data.


2.No charging required.

Many car GPS locators have a built-in battery, which needs to be recharged at intervals. OBD car tracker does not need to be charged because he has no battery. Originally, they never need to be deleted, so don't worry about it running out of power when it's urgent.


3.It collects more data.

Since the OBD tracker is connected to the car, the information in the car can be directly exported, so that you can better understand the car. The OBD locator also provides vehicle fuel economy and mileage and diagnostics of vehicle problems.


4.Conducive to better driving or using cars.

The GPS locators automatically detects unsafe driving behaviors such as speeding or sudden braking. In addition to monitoring when and where you (or others) drive, you can even pass on your driving situation to you. If you have a novice driver in your home, it will be of great help.


If you are looking for a way to track your vehicle, it's worth considering what kind of tracker you want. If you like versatility, use a universal GPS tracker. If you want to track a vehicle from more than just a location, then the OBD tracker is your best choice.