Electric motorcycle GPS tracker anti-theft plan

2017/9/5 11:54:46

First, the safety of non-motor vehicles:

  Can be seen everywhere on the road electric car / electric bicycle / motorcycle, compared with the bike, effort is easier and faster; compared with the car, the journey is more free and more environmentally friendly, free from traffic congestion, will not discharge pollution of the city beautiful gas ; More suitable for the public, more easy to operate, many advantages of the collection of electric cars popular. The subsequent electric car / electric bicycle / motorcycle theft incident also occurred one after another, and now on the electric car management regulations are not perfect, most electric vehicles have not been registered on the card, after being stolen difficult to recover, seized was Stealing the car is also difficult to confirm its owner, electric car security security issues need to be resolved.

Second, the solution:

Product plan (1):


TR06S motorcycle GPS tracker Product features:

1, the appearance of small, more easy to hide the installation;

2, support ACC detection, real-time reporting vehicle status;

3, real-time positioning tracking, upload location information;

4, the displacement alarm, after the vehicle beyond the set distance automatic alarm;

5, vibration alarm, the vehicle abnormal vibration alarm;

6, power alarm, external power off immediately after the alarm;

7, wide voltage range 9-90V, suitable for 36V 48V 60V and other models.

Product plan (2):

TR07 waterproof motorcycle gps tracker Features:


1, the vehicle abnormal vibration alarm;

2, vehicle start state detection;

3, to prevent the motorcycle battery caused by no electricity ignition failure;

4, IP65 dustproof and waterproof design;

5, intelligent upload location information;

6, the power line illegal cut alarm;

7, automatic or manual fortification / disarming;

8, after the fortification of the vehicle beyond the set distance automatic alarm;

9, through the SMS, client, platform query location;

10, wide voltage range: 9-90V, suitable for 12V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V models.

The above program using GSM communication network and GPS, the establishment of gps anti-theft system to achieve real-time tracking and positioning of vehicles, anti-robbery, burglar alarm.

Third, the benefits of installing gps anti-theft device:


1, reduce the risk of cost: control of the car anti-theft measures, greatly reducing the probability of car theft, improve the security level.

2, real-time monitoring vehicle trajectory, change "static" security for the "dynamic" security. In the case of

3, effectively increase the vehicle safety factor, change the "limited" protection for the "real-time" protection.

Advantages of Huizhou Great-Will Industrial Co., Ltd gps Tracker:

1, small size:

Easy to conceal the installation, built-in powerful antenna, signal stability and positioning accuracy.

2, real-time monitoring:

24 hours a day tracking positioner, every 10 seconds to update the location once.

Product stability is high:

Product shell high strength, stable and durable, easy to damage; product working environment temperature -25 ° C ~ +60 ° C; working environment humidity 5% -95% non-solidification.

3, easy to operate:

Do not install the software on the computer, the URL can log on to monitor. You can also use the phone to check the car, anytime, anywhere more convenient.

4, security management:

Speed alarm, vibration alarm, SOS help alarm, you can track query, download, through the track playback can check the mileage trajectory to verify, easy tolls, gas station bill check.

5, the whole record: free 60 days of driving track playback download.

6, the regional alarm: the vehicle beyond the provisions of the area immediately alarm (you can set the regional alarm, you can set the fence alarm).

Fifth, GPS system theory and structure

gps anti-theft system is composed of terminal equipment car gps locator, transmission system and monitoring center composed of three parts:

1, GPS vehicle terminal: the car gps locator installed in the monitored vehicle, it will receive the GPS positioning information after processing, calculate the vehicle's longitude, latitude, speed, direction.

2, the transmission system: GPRS / GSM network, SMS center, GSM front machine, switch, network cable, which is responsible for GPS mobile terminal and monitoring center between the data transmission.

3, the monitoring center: the core of the entire system, a direct impact on the system stability and effective operation. It will GPS vehicle terminal through the GPRS / GSM transmission system data and electronic map matching, you can achieve the vehicle location display, tracking, at the same time, monitoring center scheduling, control instructions issued by GPRS transmission system to gps anti-theft system.