Five Tips for Finding Maliciously Installed Car GPS tracker

2018/4/3 15:20:49

Great-Will is a GPS tracker product development, design, and sales company that integrates GPS global positioning system, car gps tracker, and personal locator. The GPS tracker is used for anti-theft positioning and alarm in emergency situations. Remote monitoring to avoid disputes and other formal channels, but with the development of science and technology, more and more people illegally use GPS trackers, the following Great-Will teach you how to find the GPS tracker illegally installed in your car, Avoid privacy leaks:

First, GPS tracker are divided into three types: connection type, OBD interface type, with magnetic (free installation type)

According to the large classification, find out the characteristics of these kinds of gps, and then find a solution

Second, how to detect one of the methods of car tracking locator: direct search method

This method is for the third type mentioned above, with magnetic (installation-free). In order to prevent the car GPS tracker from being found, people will find ways to install or place the GPS tracker in some relatively hidden locations, such as the front and rear bumpers, the inside of the left and right doors, etc. But this also makes these so-called hidden locations actually become common The secret location of knowledge. Therefore, to find a GPS tracker maliciously installed, you can search from the following locations.

1. The headlights above the front windshield;

2. Under the front windshield concealed place inside the decorative plate;

3. The hidden area around the front dashboard;

4. Door partitions;

5. Under the rear windshield below the decorative plate;

6. Inside the front bumper, it is necessary to pay attention to waterproof;

7. Under the wiper board.

Third, how to detect the car tracking locator method two: check the line

This method is for the first gps locator mentioned above, wiring type.

Most of the current GPS locators in the market are still connected and need to be connected to the car's power cord to provide power. Therefore, if you want to find a car-mounted GPS locator, it is also a good idea to search slowly along the car's power line. method. However, this requires more professional staff, or you may not even know where the power cord is. The following diagram shows the simplest wiring method of the GPS locator, which can be used as a reference. Others have more complicated wiring. It is not recommended that the owner himself come to the car repair station to inspect the line, otherwise it may damage the car line, and outweigh the gains.

Fourth, how to detect the car gps tracker method three: check the OBD interface

This method is for the second gps locator mentioned above, OBD interface type.

Many OBD devices now have functions such as vehicle fault diagnosis and abnormality detection, as well as functions such as positioning and driving records. They can not only detect various vehicle fault codes, but also perform positioning and timing, fuel consumption analysis, and driving. Optimization and other functions, can be used to plug in the OBD interface, so when looking for it should also pay attention to check the next OBD interface, this is very simple, OBD interface, there are generally several: A, located in the lower left corner of the steering wheel ( The most common); B, located in the lower right corner of the steering wheel; C, located near the igniter under the center console; D, located in the central armrest box.

Fifth, how to detect the car tracking locator method four: GPS model detector (general)

We know that GPS locators, like mobile phones, are equipped with SIM cards to receive and send information. Therefore, GPS locators have certain frequencies that can be monitored by GPS signal detectors. The owner of the car to the electronics market to buy a device to trace the cell phone signal, take this thing in your car around the search, you can quickly find the location of the installation! Speaking of signal detection, teach you tips, start the car, and then use the mobile radio to turn on the radio and find the clearest channel in the car. Move around in the car. If the radio moves to an abnormal location, this is the GPS tracker is installed, is very simple, practical, save money.

Sixth, how to detect the car tracking locator method five: GPS shield shield signal (general)

If you use the above method to find or not find it seriously, teach you the easiest way. Find a GPS jammer (or jammer) and install it on the car after purchase. The entire car will be within the signal interference range, and there is no need to worry about the car being tracked by the bad guys. However, there are also drawbacks. The signal interference shield will also block the phone's signal. It is very impractical, and the GPS locator is always in your car. You must keep the mask device open and the method is not desirable.