Five problem solution about OBD car GPS tracker

2019/5/7 17:59:52

1. How to install and use after receiving the OBD car GPS tracker?

The interface OBD car GPS tracker is free of installation. After the device is plugged into the flow card, the OBD interface is found in the car, and the device is inserted into the OBD interface, and it can be used.

2. How to query location information of OBD car GPS tracker?

The device supports multiple check modes such as computer, mobile APP, and SMS. For example, the computer search website:

3. What are the functions of the OBD car GPS tracker?

The OBD car GPS tracker has real-time positioning, track playback, electronic fence, mileage statistics, speed warning, power failure alarm, single and double number limit reminder, data detection and other functions.

4. How is the traffic SIM card charged?

The traffic SIM card is a one-year fee. After one year, the deduction of 5 yuan per month includes 30M traffic. The data is uploaded every 10 seconds. The monthly usage is about 22M, so don't worry about the traffic exceeding the standard. For other charges, there is a text message charge of 0.1RMB, a call of 0.69RMB/minute, and a call of 0.39RMB/minute. After the card is in arrears, it needs to be recharged in time. If the arrears are too long, it will be recovered by the mobile company and become a blank number. Note: If you use the monitor function, in order to save the cost of the call, it is recommended to purchase the SIM card locally, and both the mobile and Unicom 2G cards are available.

5. Why does the OBD car GPS tracker drift when it is still?

The device has GPS positioning and base station positioning (LBS). In the case of normal outdoor signal, it is GPS positioning. The accuracy of GPS positioning technology is in the range of 5 meters. In indoors, such as underground parking lots, where the signal is poor, the device will automatically Turning to base station positioning, the accuracy of base station positioning is about 100 meters, so there will be errors in positioning accuracy, which causes the position to drift when positioning, but because the OBD car GPS tracker uses GPS positioning in most cases, the error range is small. So there is not much impact on the use of device features.

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