GPS Tracking Platform Feature--Advanced Reports

2017/8/23 14:46:16

The main function of the GIS workstation is to display the location and trajectory of the moving target, the query of the geographic information and the updating of the map in real time. The specific breakdown is:

◆ tracking and positioning: the monitoring center can keep track of the current location of the vehicle, moving speed, direction of movement, etc., when positioning the vehicle can be positioning, timing, fixed, fixed speed, fixed line, set the range, A variety of ways to monitor, with a single point of positioning, always monitor, focus on tracking and other functions. And display the monitoring status of the vehicle on the system interface.

◆ visual display: the monitoring center intuitive display of vehicles in the electronic map on the location and driving trajectory;

◆ history: the monitoring center can record and view the history of vehicle travel routes, to achieve the historical track playback;

◆ information sharing: monitoring center can provide users with vehicle monitoring information;

◆ user information: the monitoring center can view the vehicle user information at any time;

◆ real-time tracking: vehicle alarm, can not be geographically and geographically restricted by automatic real-time tracking (location, direction, speed, etc.);

◆ collaborative tracking: When the vehicle is in alarm state, the monitoring center can report to the relevant departments, inform the vehicle location information to help track;

◆ rescue function: the monitoring center can provide road guidance to the vehicle, fault help and other functions;

◆ monitoring

    After receiving the GPS positioning information from the center, the trajectory of the moving target is displayed on the map. The different moving objects are matched with different colors, and the current position of the moving target is displayed with a significant mark and is accompanied by the moving target number. In the status bar of the map interface Displays the number, speed, positioning information, direction angle, and GPS time of the moving target. Marking the moving target track on the map can be returned to the center vehicle status flag in different colors according to the GPS positioning information. (Move the target track with a small dot, and use the small icon to indicate the current position of the moving target). The center can set the time interval at which the mobile target GPS location information is monitored.

◆ software alarm

    This function limits the range of motion of the moving target, that is, the operator can map a driving range or travel path to the specified moving object on the map, and the monitoring software automatically alerts when moving the target area or deviating from the track.

You are able to generate a number of advanced reports including milage data ,fuel consumption,alert violation, over-speeding, harsh-braking, harsh-acceleration, excessive-idle, harsh-cornering, engine-over-revving, and trip reports. The left-hand pane shows the different types of reports. When a report is clicked, a report view is created on the right as shown in the screenshot.  These reports can then be exported to PDF and Excel.

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