GPS Tracking Platform Feature--Easy management

2017/8/5 15:26:21

Firstly,you can see the current position of the asset, its speed, ignition status, battery status and current telemetry.In the event of a high priority alert being triggered, you will get notifications in our Quick Alerts (High Priority Notifications) pop-up.Moreover,you can set up custom polygon Geo-zones and assign them as either locations, keep-in zones or no-go zones.

1, 24 hours real-time positioning.Check the used car online positioning platform vehicle, platform shows the real-time positioning information, is advantageous to the individual and unit ;
2, new street view maps.New street view maps, in finding the car and management of vehicles, according to the auto online's street view, find the landmark buildings, such as the play an important role;
3, real-time traffic information display and ranging function;
4, safe electronic fence Settings.Electronic fence can set into a round shape, can also be set to the irregular shape of multilateral, more humanized electronic fence Settings, has provided the safeguard for vehicle safety;
5, using Google map operators, and provides the satellite map view;
6, GPS tracker system 180 days trajectory playback and barrier-free query
7, mileage statistics.Can query the vehicle driving route according to the total mileage of random query (180 days);
8, the general alarm list query, statistic and speeding are available to export to excel form.