GPS can be applied in these industries

2019/6/29 12:11:25

GPS is an indispensable thing in everyone's life. On the car and on the mobile phone, GPS positioning is generally available. Its basic characteristics are also its benefits: no need to rely on too many complex external factors, do not card not to move the network, you can work. Aside from the old navigational positioning methods, compasses or other tools, the use of GPS is slowly expanding with the development of technology. GPS At present, the efficiency of work efficiency is still very high.


First, in agriculture, the introduction of GPS technology into agricultural production should be relatively narrow in terms of the popularity of many people. In fact, it is the so-called "precise agricultural farming." Using this technology, the management of the available ploughing fields, such as the detection of the yield and the collection of the soil components, can be controlled by the agricultural equipment with GPS equipment, and the precise spraying and fertilization.


This is different from the idea of people's past farming. When the season is sprayed, insecticide and fertilization are applied. After the technology is tested, what kind of work is needed wherever it is needed. It will not waste agricultural resources, but it can also improve production and reduce costs. It also avoids the situation where no pests are sprayed, which causes environmental pollution.


The second is to introduce GPS into the rescue ranks, which is a good help for firefighters, medical staff, and traffic police. It can improve its work efficiency and speed up the rescue. When the sudden physical discomfort calls 120 and can't tell the address, the old man can't express his words at home when he is sick. What should I do if I have these situations? If you can dial 120 directly, then the medical staff can quickly learn the location and win valuable time to save people. When the firefighters work, they receive the expression of purely speaking position words, and certainly cannot be precise, and the use of GPS can be greatly exerted.


The third is that GPS is integrated into people's daily lives, travel adventures and so on. Self-driving navigation, it takes a lot of time to find a way, the stability of GPS is very much needed. If you go out to explore, there is a wrong navigation in the mountains, and the consequences are unimaginable, so the sensitivity of GPS navigation is also worthy of recognition.


But GPS has so many advantages and aspects that can be used, but in fact, some of its drawbacks are not to be ignored. The GPS itself is greatly affected by the weather and location. When encountering weather problems, or under the elevated, under the tree, next to the high-rise building, it is impossible to accurately identify the position. If you don't see the sky, you will be greatly affected and you will not be able to work. While relying on technology, people must also face up to some of the problems in technology that are still waiting to be solved.