GPS location tracker several major problems for customers

2019/8/12 18:04:37

The definition of GPS location tracker must be understood by everyone, I will not elaborate here. Speaking of GPS location tracker, many people think that the GPS positioning tracker is a kind of terminal that combines the positioning terminal hardware and the positioning system software. Through this terminal, the vehicle can be positioned. In fact, the function of the car GPS location tracker is far more than this. There are also alarm, anti-theft, anti-theft, scheduling management and other functions, the use of customer supervision and management of vehicles, administrative scheduling, etc.


1.Alarm function: The monitoring service center receives the alarm signal sent by the vehicle terminal (such as active emergency alarm, power failure alarm, etc.), the system will perform automatic classification processing, and prompt the commander with sound, light or voice. The alarmed vehicle displays the alarm status and the alarm location in a conspicuous manner on the map, and raises the monitoring level of the alarm target as needed, and automatically records the trajectory and automatically records. The commander can use the short message or voice to conduct command and dispatch and alarm processing according to the alarm situation and police force distribution.

 GPS location tracker

2, anti-robbery (anti-theft): This function can protect the property safety of the loan car to a large extent. When the vehicle is maliciously defrauded, the data reported by the anti-detection type GPS location tracker can be immediately detected on the electronic map of the monitoring center. The information such as the position, speed, and running direction of the alarm vehicle is displayed, so that the vehicle has no shape. The wind controller can recover the vehicle and recover the loss of assets.


3. Scheduling: After installing the vehicle GPS location tracker, the system can provide scientific and reasonable vehicle management means for the vehicle management department. As long as the monitoring system is turned on, all the supervision of all vehicles can be seen at a glance. This function is a very practical function for both the enterprise fleet and the transportation vehicle owner.