GPS locator manage cargo transport vehicles

2017/7/5 10:20:36

As a chain of enterprises, due to the growing volume of business, in the transport of goods, more and more problems can not control, such as the driver of the army is not according to the planned route to go, is there Privately To pick up the other goods and On time delivery other problems such as. So we are looking for a partner that can help us manage the fleet. "GPS locator" is this partner, since the installation of the "GPS locator", these problems are solved, all-round help us solve the urgent needs, really do the "Management car, management of oil, driver management." 

Through the "GPS locator", we can locate the vehicle anytime, anywhere, where the vehicle has been, how long has been opened, how long has been stop, the driver Isn't it stop car, the vehicle is moving, is there any alarm, how much is the total mileage, a total of how much oil consumption, and so on, the total consumption of how much oil and so on these circumstances, we can easily found. And even through the form of a report to export a variety of data to facilitate the management of reimbursement costs.

"GPS locator" provides us with a new way to manage vehicles easily and safely.