GPS locator prevents logistics goods from being privately dismantled during transportation

2019/10/9 16:49:59

Recently, some netizens posted that the courier opened his own package. This incident made the public doubt the logistics industry, because it exposed a "black hole" in the entire logistics industry - due to poor supervision and other reasons, it is impossible to guarantee the safety of goods, in addition to the phenomenon of goods being privately dismantled, and frequently the phenomenon of lost goods, stealing goods, etc., has brought economic losses to related customers and damaged the reputation of logistics companies.


We can use the power of the Internet of Things to ensure the safety of goods to the greatest extent. For example, through intelligent terminals, we can obtain information (positions, alarms, etc.) of goods, and grasp the status of goods in real time to ensure the safety of goods. We can use the following Internet of Things technologies to enhance the safety of transportation items:

GPS locator 

1, positioning tracking of GPS locator


     Positioning technology based on GPS, LBS, Wi-Fi, etc., to ensure that the goods are transported without losing links, to prevent cross-selling, stealing and stockpiling. In addition, the user can select the time period (180 days) to query the historical trajectory of the goods and provide data support for quickly identifying the responsible department.


2, unpacking notice of GPS locator


     Using light sensor technology, the article is removed and uploaded in time, the manager can combine multiple positioning technology to determine whether the location of the item is unreasonable, and provide an important basis for the management of the flow of goods. This can, to a certain extent, reduce the risk of private items being transported.


3, electronic fence of GPS locator


     In combination with the function of the electronic fence, an important reminder is set for each important link of the circulation of the goods (such as the destination city, loading and unloading place, transit warehouse, etc.), and the arrival notice is automatically issued. In addition, the employee will not receive or leave the designated area during the work period, and the manager will receive an alarm message.