GPS logistics fleet management system solution

2019/5/31 14:31:42

Large-scale highway logistics enterprises are generally stationed in large cities with large daily cargo throughput, strong logistics and transportation demand, obvious location advantages, and convenient transportation. The traditional operation mode is based on the gathering of major industries, setting up dotted destinations to collect sporadic goods. Collecting and summarizing to the headquarters, unified fixed line distribution according to the arrival location, all of the LTL receiving and distribution must be completed by many transportation vehicles. Scheduling and management has become a top priority. How to strengthen safety management, convenient and efficient deployment of vehicles, optimization of distribution lines, Reduce transportation costs, and deliver goods to their destinations in a timely and safe manner?

The root cause of these problems is that the actual use of the vehicle cannot be controlled. Once it leaves, it is impossible to know, and it is impossible to make active safety precautions. It is also impossible to carry out investigation and investigation of responsibility afterwards. Reasonable and efficient management is even more difficult to talk about.

GPS logistics fleet management system

The emergence of the GPS fleet management system, through the real-time synchronous monitoring of vehicle speed, position, route, fuel consumption, mileage, etc., to solve the management scheduling problem, as follows:

1. Strengthen vehicle safety education through GPS overspeed warning

2, through the GPS position dynamic information to understand the logistics and transportation situation

3. Effectively supervise the midway transfer or LTL other goods through the driving route and parking place

4. Understand the road congestion situation and optimize the distribution route through the electronic map of the GPS vehicle management system.

5, through the monitoring of vehicle parking location, convenient vehicle deployment and driver management

6, through the transport of goods and GPS location information binding to facilitate users to understand the dynamic information of the goods at any time