GPS satellite locator picks new height

2019/10/15 17:55:20

In recent years, the threshold for entering the GPS vehicle terminal hardware industry is getting lower and lower, and the market is also full of various GPS satellite locator products. The price and quality of GPS positioning are also uneven. As a consumer, generally understand the price first, then look at the product. As everyone knows, there are a lot of GPS industry behind the price, not the cheaper the higher the cost performance, of course, the more expensive it is, the more practical. When selecting a GPS satellite locator, consumers need to polish their eyes to learn more about the information and not to be misled.


Misunderstanding 1: It is known as a GPS locator product. Actually, some of them are mobile phone positioning products that are located by base stations, not by satellite positioning. Most consumers can't tell the difference between the two, analyze it:

Positioning method
Mobile phone positioning by base stationGPS positioning by satellite
PositioningSimple positioningcan
Positioning initiative

The device is passive

Each time you want to post a message or click a send targeting request to target

Real-time self-reporting position
Track and real-time trackingNo


Users can query the trajectory of the device and track the device at any time.

Positioning accuracy (error)More than 400 meters

Within 5 meters, good products can be 5-10 meters

To be continued...