GPS tracker device common problem analysis

2017/9/29 17:38:53

First, the device is not positioned

In fact, there are many reasons for the positioning of equipment, and now say that the most common case - GPS locator

1. Poor signal environment

Do not check the equipment in the underground garage!


Vehicles parked in the underground garage and other GPRS signal quality of the poor area is very easy to lead to equipment can not be normal positioning, which is one of the most common situation. Therefore, the device can not be found when the first look at the location of the vehicle GPRS signal is good.

2. Traffic card arrears stop

This is one of the other common reasons. The equipment through the internal flow card to pass the data signal, like the ordinary mobile phone card will have the same traffic fee, monthly fee, if the flow card arrears will lead to the location signal can not upload, equipment positioning failure

3. The device is not installed correctly

As the car's metal body for the GPRS signal is a big weakening, so the correct installation of the equipment or not is an important factor affecting the normal positioning of the equipment.

Second, the wireless tracker device in accordance with the number of upload life

The wireless device depends on the built-in battery, and the service life depends on the positioning frequency. If the positioning data upload frequency is high, the battery life is short, if the data upload frequency is low, the battery life is long. So when using long standby products, pay attention to adjust the positioning frequency, if the frequency is too high, the standby time is short.

Third, on the driving track shows a straight line

If one day you are on the monitoring platform to find a car driving track across the river, turned over the tall buildings, drew a straight line, not the vehicle will fly, nor is the equipment out of the problem, but because the vehicle after a similar Underground tunnels and other GPRS signal poor quality of the region, the default path in the signal disappeared and re-emergence of a mark marked a straight line.

Fourth, on the driving trajectory more chaotic

If one day you are on the monitoring platform to find the vehicle's driving trajectory is very chaotic, and the location of the vehicle driving area signal is also normal, then this is what you should pay attention to, resulting in abnormal driving trajectory is likely to be the vehicle installed GPS signal jammers, so that equipment can not receive GPRS data signals, intermittent, and your vehicle safety is also being threatened.

5, the wireless device to display the location of the previous data upload location, rather than the current location

That is, if the wireless device on-line time is 12:00 every day, then every day before 12:00 vehicle location information is 12:00 the day before the location of the vehicle, 12:00 after the show is the day car 12:00 When the position of the vehicle.