GPS vehicle management tracker system case

2017/12/5 10:47:23

With the social progress and economic development, many vehicles need to cross-regional operations, vehicles

Will also be more and more approached personal life. At the same time, social order also faces many new developments. Various contradictions and disputes that endanger social order and affect social stability have increased dramatically. Various phenomena such as car hijackings and vehicle theft have risen year by year.

    With the development of GPS global positioning system technology, real-time positioning of the moving target is made

It is possible, and wireless communication technology has also made considerable progress, making it possible for us to remotely monitor and schedule moving targets (vehicles).

    In order to improve the ability of the public security departments to dynamically control and manage social order, improve the ability to crack down on criminal activities and deal with emergencies, and in order to effectively manage vehicles in a large area and increase the effective utilization rate of limited resources, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other places have established a powerful GPS vehicle management system, and has played an important role in vehicle management, dispatch, security and so on. Chongqing Public Security Bureau also recently established a GPS vehicle management system.

System function introduction

    1, all-weather all

Ball satellite tracking and positioning:

    All-day real-time calculation of vehicle movement, tracking vehicle position (accurate to 20 meters), running speed (accurate to 1 km / h), running direction (accurate to 1 degree) and time information (accurate to 1 second);


  2, Location query:


The center control system has rich and comprehensive data information, which can provide vehicle information inquiry and geographic information inquiry after confirming the customer identification code according to customer requirements.

The company is located in:

    vehicle terminal 

    Car terminal is an integral part of the whole system, mainly installed in the vehicle by the GPS satellite receiver, GSM transceiver module, the main control module and car alarm and external probe and other components.

    GPS satellite receiver used to receive the signal sent by the satellite, GSM module is responsible for wireless transceiver transmission, so that the control center to provide positioning information at any time, exercise status.

    Voice control part is used to control hands-free calls, automatic dialing, answering and other functions.

    Digital logic control section for a variety of input and output levels, pulse signal buffer

With drive.

    Power and power control part of the car battery and backup battery for automatic switching, stable

Pressure filtration and control by the car key and alarm sleep and wake up.

    Part of the car alarm is responsible for collecting and analyzing all the probes to complete all the functions of car alarm. Control off / off the oil Road controller is controlled by the monitoring center and car alarm. LCD terminal can display the control center sent a variety of Chinese and English information.

    GPS system application prospects

    With the continuous progress and development of GPS global positioning technology, GSM global mobile communication technology, GIS geographic information processing technology and computer network communication and data processing technology, GPS will be like the current automotive, radio communications

The same as the formation of industrialization.