GPS watch tracker

2018/2/5 11:22:26

GPS watches using watch-style and hanging two designs, but also to meet the time to view the function. The device incorporates the world's first crystallization of point-to-point technology, but also the first time in the practical application of the technology. Unlike the traditional GPS that needs to be monitored by different monitoring systems, during the application of GPS watches, the guardian can directly query the specific location of the ward by text message, without going through the platform system and without paying the monthly fee of the platform; it is both convenient and accurate and also free from other GPS High monthly monthly fees for guardianship products to be paid.

Another highlight of GPS watches tracker is the clear loudspeaker function, unlike other monitors, GPS wrist watches do not require headphones to talk to their guardians directly, and the sound is clear. Not only guarantee the quality of the call, but also facilitate the communication, but also to avoid the use of the difficulty caused by the movement of the object being monitored.

GPS watch is also very simple to use, just need to load the SIM card, the GPS watch and monitoring cell phone binding, the custodian can directly through the SMS query to monitor the custodian where the specific geographical location information, including address, image and longitude and latitude.

If you want to know the location of the object to be monitored, just send a text message to the GPS watch, a few seconds to know their specific location without the computer check. If the pre-set timing feedback function, GPS watches can also be regularly sent to the phone monitoring the specific location of the object and other information. In addition the GPS watch built-in microphone can achieve remote monitoring function, when the child is lost or in danger, you can use the SOS button to achieve alarm function, the GPS watch will automatically send the alarm information to bind the phone, this time remote Monitor function will play its role.

In addition, GPS watches also have a potential accidental alarm, power shortage, artificial shutdown and other reminders, as long as the GPS watch artificially removed, shut down, power shortage and so on, the system will issue a warning message to the guardian; accurate electronic fence guard function Can monitor the scope of the activities of the object settings, the monitored object out of the pre-set specified range, the binding phone will also receive reminders to inform them that the object of custody may be potentially dangerous, and can view the history of the object being recorded Track, well aware of the actions of the object being monitored.