Gps tracking device expired problem

2019/5/7 18:04:05

Before the release of the article on why the GPS tracking on the platform will prompt "offline" reason, some people ask these two days: "I login platform shows GPS tracking expired, and then went to mobile communications paid the phone card, why Prompt expired?

Here you need to know that 'expired' does not equal 'offline'

The GPS trackin shown on the service platform are "offline" and "out of date" in fact, in both cases. GPS locator offline is due to the phone card debt, improper installation, the signal can not be sent and other reasons; and GPS tracker expired because of the platform service due to payment.

Therefore, the Gps tracking device expired should be to pay the platform fee rather than pay the phone card costs.

Maybe we all have questions about this: What is the platform fee? Why pay the platform fee?

Platform fee is to query the car Location information service platform charges. After the Gps tracking device receives the signal sent by the GPS satellites, the locator sends the signal information to the Internet server for analysis, after parsing, it can obtain the latitude, longitude, speed, time and other information of the vehicle. After the user logs in to the service platform Can see this information. The platform is equivalent to a data processing center, constantly analyzing the satellite signals sent by the locator.


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