Great-Will:Features and benefits of GPS locator tracker

2021/7/8 20:41:44

Functions and advantages of GPS location tracker

1. GPS location tracker: It is a GPS satellite location tracking terminal based on GPRS (data flow) + SMS (short message) communication mode. It adopts the GSM public network with high stability guarantee, and completely absorbs all the characteristics of this communication method. It has the advantages of fast response speed, always online, and billing according to traffic.

2. Product types:

A handheld tracker suitable for personal use, easy to carry.

A vehicle-mounted tracker suitable for cars, remotely cut off oil and power, and recommended for anti-theft.

3. Positioning system: The global GPS satellite positioning system keeps track of precise positioning 24 hours a day.

4. Product advantages: You can query the current location through SMS, or log in to the GPS platform system to know their location data at any time, including latitude and longitude, speed, direction, power, temperature, etc.

5. SOS alarm: SOS emergency alarm refers to the emergency alarm sent by the GPS tracker holder to the supervising mobile phone. So as to achieve the role of emergency call for help.

6. Position movement alarm: In the fortified state, once the GPS tracker is moved more than 300-500 meters, it will automatically send an alarm to the supervisory mobile phone, so as to achieve vehicle anti-theft, personnel monitoring and other functions.

7. Low battery alarm: When the GPS tracker battery is lower than 10%, it will automatically send a low battery alarm to the supervising mobile phone.

8. Speeding alarm: When the moving speed of the GPS tracker exceeds the upper limit, it will automatically send a speeding alarm to the supervising mobile phone. Note: The upper speed limit can only be set through our company's online GPS tracking system.

9. Vibration alarm: In the defense state, if the vehicle is abnormally vibrated, an alarm will be triggered. Send the alarm information to the owner's mobile phone.

10. Cross-border alarm: Through our company's GPS monitoring system, the active area of the GPS tracker can be delineated, referred to as electronic fence. When the GPS tracker goes beyond the designated area, it will automatically send a cross-border alarm to the supervising mobile phone.

11. The GPS tracker manager can track and monitor moving targets in real time through the platform, monitor current speed, direction, driving distance, driving time, etc., automatically record driving trajectories, and users can play historical movement trajectories.