How GPS Tracking devices change your life

2017/10/21 15:37:49

People will wonder how a tiny little thing change your life. Unbelievable!

let me explain how it works. With GPS tracker your car, you could:

1,get real time location

2,find shortest route to him

3,see the travel history

4,gain insights into his life

5,get speeding alerts

6,set up zones-- like home, school,library,park

7,get instant alerts when the trackers enters or leaves a zone

8,get instant alerts when the car stolen by thief

9,cut off petrol remotely on app or sms .

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GPS Tracking device is a built-in GPS module and mobile communication module terminal, used to GPS module to obtain the positioning data through the mobile communication module (gsm / gprs network) to a server on the Internet, which can be achieved in the computer or Query the terminal location on the phone.

GPS monitoring features

Monitoring system support through a variety of terminal monitoring, including PC and other client, mobile terminal, and with remote video browsing, remote control, multi-screen monitoring, and other functions.

GPS Tracking device use

For the children and the elderly where the whereabouts of the control, road inspection, tracking and tracking of valuable goods, tracking and service dispatch, private detective tools, personal property tracking, pet tracking, wildlife tracking, freight industry, car theft, bicycle theft, Motorcycle anti-theft, bank armored vehicles, military and police exercise control, check tracking, business vehicle management, etc.