How GPS tracking system works

2017/6/7 11:20:20

Great-will’s Real-Time GPS Tracking System relies on both the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and a cellular system. A GPS tracking module continuously picks up the automobile’s precise coordinates, which determine the real-time location of the automobile that’s being tracked. Using a cellular data service such as GPRS, the tracking coordinates are immediately transmitted onto a secured server by pinging the device.

Users can then access the real-time tracking data from an internet-enable device, such as a computer, laptop or a mobile phone (both internet enabled and non-internet enabled phones). The tracking information can be viewed by logging in through a website, or through a web-based mapping interface such as Google Maps. With real-time GPS tracking systems, users will be able to see precisely where their automobiles are in real-time.

This provides individual consumers and small to large businesses, fleet management operators, delivery and logistics services and law enforcement agencies, the ability to track their fleet of vehicles and view the live GPS location data without having to physically retrieve the GPS tracking device thus enhancing the safety of the assets as well as the passengers.