How choose truck gps tracking device

2018/6/2 17:09:59

Satellite trucks gps tracking devices are now widely used in various industries, especially the automotive industry is indispensable. The safety of trucks like logistics companies is also particularly worth paying attention to. Like heavy goods vehicles, the goods loaded are very large. Some total mass of more than tens of tons, once this type of truck has a problem, it will jeopardize personal safety to a great extent, and property safety will face enormous damage and challenges. And the requirements for such management are particularly high.

Therefore, the State specifically proposes that trucks must be equipped with truck gps tracking devices, truck-mounted GPS is included in the road transport vehicle inspection standards, but also must be installed in line with national standards of vehicle positioning system, which is already one of the standards of the annual review.

What are the benefits of the truck gps tracking device? First of all, truck mounted GPS locators can be scheduled in real time.

Master remote management, trajectory playback, fuel monitoring, and at the same time monitor the speed, speed automatic alarm to ensure safe driving of trucks. In the event of an emergency, accurate positioning via GPS allows managers to see at a glance.

Choosing the cheapest service on the market could mean cool With a service that doesn't perform as well as other, slightly more expensive offerings.

Before you buy

As you look for a truck gps tracking device service, keep these details in mind:

What type of vehicle and driver information do you want to track?

How many vehicles do you need to track?

How much do you want to spend on monthly fees and upfront costs?

Are there any processes you could automate regarding payroll, driving logs, routing or call scheduling?

Is your business operating in the greenest way possible? Will this system help you continue to do so or make improvements?

Can you rely on your employees to consistently and accurately log hours worked and service calls met?

Have you experienced or are you worried about theft of equipment or vehicles?

Are you overspending on your mobile workforce?

Do your fuel costs put a strain on the bottom line?

Can this system address the problems you're trying to resolve?

Will this system improve your customer service quality?

What features do you need now, and what might you need in the future?

What type of return on investment will you get with this system?

Disadvantages of using truck gps tracking device software

Installing these devices and implementing this software may result in employee pushback. Drivers may not want to monitored and could view this as a confidence of decision from management that violates employee privacy. Consider how you plan on informing your employees that you'll be Services, should you decide to purchase a service.

The best thing you can do as a business owner or manager is talk your employees though the rationale and logic behind the decision. Also, be transparent about what the software does, so they're clear on exactly whats being monitored and how.

Great-Will provides truck GPS monitoring system solutions to standardize the driving behavior of trucks, effectively reducing the accident rate of trucks and improving the efficiency of trucks.

The main features provided are as follows:

1. Vehicle positioning: It can provide vehicle position, driving direction, driving speed in 24 hours, and supports multiple map display modes. It will be able to make a full understanding of the vehicle.

 2. Track playback: Great-Will truck gps tracking device system has a powerful track playback function, can query the vehicle at any time of the traffic situation, dynamic display of vehicle trajectory on the map, and can playback the traffic situation.

 3, emergency help function: Great-Will truck gps tracking device positioning system with emergency functions, which will achieve a safety management. When the vehicle encounters an emergency situation, it can press the alarm button to seek assistance from the monitoring center. Through this function, the personal safety of the bus driver can be guaranteed.

 4, report management: GPS system can automatically generate daily traffic reports, parking reports, traffic reports, parking not arson report, statistics out of the daily travel time, closing time, driving time, mileage. In this way, it can be intuitively understood whether the bus driver is walking according to a predetermined schedule.

5. Power-off alarm function: When the vehicle is trimmed, the battery is stolen, or the car GPS positioning system is removed, the system can automatically send a text message to the owner's mobile phone for reminding.

6. Speeding alarm, fatigue driving alarm, maintenance due alarm, etc.

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