How does the GPS positioning system manage the fleet

2019/8/7 11:13:42

GPS positioning system has become more and more a helper for fleet management. Its powerful functions bring great convenience to managers, save time and effort, and at the same time save costs to a certain extent, improve business level and efficiency, mainly Effective management of the fleet is achieved through the following functions:


1. Vehicle positioning function: After selecting the vehicle that the enterprise needs to view, the GPS positioning system automatically maximizes the vehicle position on the map. The vehicle icon flashes rapidly to indicate that the vehicle is running, and the vehicle icon flashes slowly to indicate that the vehicle is stopped.


2. Real-time tracking function: When the enterprise needs to track a certain vehicle in real time, the GPS positioning system automatically maximizes the current location of the vehicle and the driving trajectory of the first two minutes. The map continuously describes the vehicle to be monitored with blue lines. Run the route. The text's current position, reception time, vehicle speed, engine status, and presence or absence of alarms are described by text. In addition, the system automatically refreshes the latest position of the vehicle in 30 seconds.

 GPS positioning system

  3. Satellite map function: When the enterprise user wants to query the surrounding buildings of the vehicle, he can click the satellite map. On the map, companies can clearly understand the situation around the vehicle. There are also text descriptions such as position description and speed.


4. History track query function: Since the enterprise itself can not truly realize the 7*24 hour monitoring form, the GPS positioning system provides the historical track query function. The enterprise can know the driving route of the vehicle at any time of the vehicle that needs to be queried.


  5, track playback function: When the enterprise wants to know more about the driving situation of the vehicle in a certain period of time, you can click the driving dynamic analog button in the GPS positioning system, set the track spacing, playback speed and other information, then you can play back before the real playback. When you want to pause to see a certain point in the vehicle's driving, you can click the pause button to pause the playback or let the vehicle play back. At the same time, there will be text next to the vehicle indicating the different status of the vehicle while traveling, the name of the customer passing, the time of receiving, the status of the engine and other information.

 GPS positioning system

6. Dispatch navigation function: The GPS positioning system describes in detail how to drive in the “driving route” and indicates the mileage of each journey. The map shows the driving route in red lines to simulate the vehicle's exercise. The dispatcher can give the driver the correct guidance and solve the problem that the driver is unfamiliar with the route when the company receives a new task or the team replaces the new driver, and the dispatcher does not know the specific location of the driver and the construction site, and cannot give the driver correct guidance. The situation that caused the driver to go the wrong way.


  7, vehicle alarm function: powerful anti-theft, anti-grab, help-seeking function to prevent outsiders or drivers from stealing vehicles, to avoid losing goods together with the goods. When destroying any part of the vehicle's GPS positioning system (connecting wires, power supplies, receivers), the GPS positioning system alerts the enterprise and the monitoring center; it does not automatically call the control center when it enters or leaves the predetermined area in excess of the company's regulations. When the speed of the vehicle exceeds the speed limit of the enterprise-restricted vehicle, the buzzer that sends the overspeed report and is installed in the car will prompt the tweet quickly.