How much is GPS tracker positioning accuracy

2018/2/24 9:52:38

Currently there are many types of locator types on the GPS tracker market, and many manufacturers are exaggerating their product features, and those who do not know the GPS tracker are easily deceived. Take the Vehicle GPS tracker, GPS personal tracker, pet tracker and other positioning accuracy, not many people know, then, how much is GPS locator positioning accuracy in the end ? Here by the Great-Will GPS experts to You explain!

We found that many manufacturers in the market said that their GPS positioner accuracy is 3-5 meters, but the fact is that the US military GPS positioning system will produce a deviation of about 1 meter, so these claims are not based on facts, therefore, for Those who say the market positioning of 3 to 5 meters are nonsense.


And after the United States differential technology analysis, GPS tracker in China have at least 10 meters error distance, so within 15 meters is the accuracy of the GPS positioner accuracy.