How to Cut off Engine with TR08 Vehicle Tracker

2018/5/3 12:00:28

How to Cut off Engine with TR08 Gps Vehicle Tracker

1. How cut off petrol works ?

There are three ways .App setting ,platform setting and SMS setting.

App setting : Login App with your account and make it work as below:


Web platform setting: Login website platform with your account (




SMS setting command :RELAY,123456,1#

1)RELAY control the start and closeness of the relay

2) Only the center number can operate.

3)the device only cut off the oil circuit on the condition of the driving speed below 20KM/H or in static state.

4)When send the command, the device will reply “please waiting “When the vehicle speed is over 20KM/H, the device will cut off the oil or the power when the speed below 20KM/H.


2. Recover oil and power

Send SMS command :RELAY,123456,0# and set on App or Web platform

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