How to Mount a GPS Tracker Under a Car

2020/1/16 14:43:25

Generally, we will choose to install the positioner under the car or the vehicle. This is also the most convenient method. Therefore, the magnetic GPS tracker is the best choice, with simple installation and long standby function.

GPS Tracker

When selecting the installation position of the locator, first determine your use case, and then select the type of locator you want. Most people are mainly used to track children who are just driving, or suspicious partners or spouses, or some racing teams, government agencies. After determining the use situation, the next step is to choose the position where we want the security locator. The best installation position of the magnetic GPS locator is under the vehicle, and it can also be on the metal frame on the driver side or the front passenger side. 

Of course, there are many people who want to talk about this MINI GPS locator directly placed in the trunk of the car or in the back pocket of the seat. These methods are also possible, but they are mainly placed under the vehicle to better connect with the satellite. Connection effect.

GPS Tracker

In order to track and determine your exact position, our GPS tracker can be connected to multiple GPS satellites at any time. When the locator is installed under the car, when the locator collides and rebounds, the locator will accept GPS. satellite signal. When the locator is placed anywhere in the vehicle, it will cause interference to the satellite signal reception, because the metal of the vehicle itself will cause interference to the GPS signal.

If you choose our locator, but have some questions about the use or installation of the locator, you can contact our staff on our official website, we will be happy to provide services for you.