How to Start a gps Tracking Company

2017/8/15 14:34:21

First of all, we must first understand the GPS tracker function and use,

GPS tracker is a built-in GPS module and mobile communication module terminal, used to GPS module to obtain the positioning data through the mobile communication module (gsm / gprs network) to a server on the Internet, which can be achieved in the computer or Query the terminal location on the phone.

1, real-time positioning

Business managers can position their employees' current locations at any time

The map gives the punctuation of the location where the employee is located, the mouse moves to the punctuation, the system gives the employee name, positioning time and current location description information

2, trajectory tracking

Just set the time period to check the activity and track of an employee during this time period. The system also gives the employee name, positioning time, and location description for each punctuation

3, attendance report

Set the time period, see all the staff of the attendance situation yesterday, you can also view a staff over time for a detailed attendance list. Detailed attendance list can view all punctuation time and location description information, and support excel table export, to facilitate the management of enterprises.

4, system management

Provide a sound system settings management, staff information can be set flexibly, the staff can be grouped, easy to manage, users at all levels to provide strict control of the authority to protect the security of information

1) SMS sent

After entering the SMS center, click "Write SMS", select the name of the terminal you want to send, fill in the text of the message you want to send, and click "Send

2) Receive SMS

After entering the SMS center, click on "receive SMS", you can receive text messages

3) View the mailbox

Select the time you want to view, click on the "query", you can view the time period received all the text messages

4) View sent messages

Select the time you want to view, click on the "query", you can view the time period issued by all the text messages

5, electronic fence

In the arming state, the vehicle moves beyond the set range and will trigger an alarm.

6, vibration alarm

Can be controlled by SMS, so that the locator into the vibration alarm fortification state. Vibration alarm is divided into five levels, one of the most sensitive. In the fortified state, as long as the vehicle a slight vibration, there will be a text message to inform the owner.

7, speed alarm

The speed limit of the vehicle can be set by SMS or online positioning platform. When the vehicle's speed exceeds this limit, the positioner sends the overspeed alarm message to the user-specified phone number and uploads to the server.

8, emergency help

GPS locator with SOS emergency alarm button. When the owner or user encounters an emergency, you can press 2 under the SOS button, the locator will give the user assigned number to send the alarm information and call for help, and upload to the server.

How to set up a GPS locator:

Stage 1: Choosing your hardware supplier

This is a very important decision, as having a reputable company that provides good and timely customer support will be invaluable in the long run. You can either choose from one of our approved suppliers or if you have a specific hardware requirement we can look into the possibility of integrating it for you.

Stage 2: Choosing your data SIM provider

There are a number of options for this. You can either contact one of your local mobile network providers for this, or you can contact one of the many international companies that can provide world SIM cards at a good rate.

Stage 3: Contact us for more details about hardware ,software, service .