How to choose a GPS tracking equipment

2019/12/20 9:40:21

Now more and more people are popular to install a locator for their car. On the one hand, they can monitor the situation of their car. On the other hand, they can know whether the car is in a dangerous situation at a critical moment. Therefore, how to choose a suitable GPS tracking equipment is very important.


There are currently several GPS tracking device on the market:


1.Ultra-long standby GPS tracker


2. Rechargeable long standby GPS tracker


3. Wired GPS tracker with power-off, etc.


Each type of GPS tracking equipment has its specific purpose and is suitable for the needs of different populations. For example, if you are a car loan company, then you can choose an ultra-long standby GPS tracker. This type of positioner can be located once a day and can stand for up to 3 years. Of course, you can also set the positioning several times a day, but the battery life will be very short, which is much shorter than 3 years. If the positioning is continuous, that is, positioning multiple times a day or even online in real time, then the battery is likely to run out within a few days. So it's important to know what type of GPS tracker you need.



Secondly, after selecting the type, it is necessary to judge the parameter quality of the GPS tracker.


The main parameters of the GPS tracking equipment are as follows:


1.Battery capacity




3. Standby power consumption


4. GPS module


5. Working power.


Asset GPS trackers (4).jpg

Low-priced products tend to shrink in battery capacity. Take the ultra-long standby GPS tracker as an example. A 3 year standby device, if the battery capacity is less than 6000mAh, then the concept that it can reach 3 years is very small. Apart from the amount of electricity consumed during work, the self-discharge of battery alone can consume a lot of energy. Therefore, when looking at the equipment parameters, we must first look at the quality of the battery. The quality of the battery is the biggest factor that determines the working time of the GPS tracking device.