How to choose a large truck GPS tracker

2018/7/12 14:54:02

There will be products such as GPS tracker in every field, but we always think that it is wrong to use GPS only for expensive and small cars. In fact, truck GPS tracker are also used in some large cars.

The truck GPS tracker is used in fleet management. The management of truck transportation positioning is very important, so that the work is more in place, so that managers can understand the problems that occur during the transportation of trucks and whether the employees work in time.

Truck gps tracker

Going down the market survey:

1. In the large truck sales bases, we found that many companies are very fond of this large truck, and they are very fond of it.

For example, some enterprises that do logistics have more uses for such trucks. Because after all, big, loaded goods are also more, but these trucks are generally in the hundreds of thousands of, a logistics company needs such a car to reach dozens or even hundreds.

It is impossible to make a one-time payment at once. Then this time there is a statement of installment payments.

It was also at this time that many large trucks began to have an installment payment model. When you purchased my series of large trucks, I gave you a model for making installments.

Then at this time, such a truck GPS tracker appeared. So what kind of truck GPS tracker is this?

For the truck GPS tracker, many people consider the points, can you lock the car remotely? Can you remotely cut off the oil? Can you do other things remotely?

If you are doing a large truck GPS tracker, we need to consider a few points:

A, how to ensure that my GPS will not be removed

B. What happens when I remove my GPS locator?

C. Does this GPS anti-pseudo base station?

D, what if the ordinary GPS is removed?

E. What if the customer does not pay back on time?

At this time, many friends who make installments have some fears and fears, because if their GPS locator loses its effect, it means that I have hundreds of thousands of cash that are difficult to recover. So what kind of GPS locator is used for large trucks at this time?

Is wireless GPS still a real-time GPS for wiring? Here is an opinion from the car rental GPS expert.

Do not consider to do some new type of oil-cutting equipment for large trucks. The weight of the truck is relatively large, the operation is not good, and the control is lost. This responsibility is difficult to bear.

Moreover, the truck only needs to install a simple GPS positioning, or the latest combination of the anti-counterfeit base station GPS and the wireless long standby truck gps tracker. In this way, you can guarantee that you are selling the car, you don't have to worry about the customer's problem.