How to install a GPS car tracker

2019/5/15 16:21:50

How to install a GPS car tracker


In order to protect the safety of the assets, the owners installed various anti-theft devices on the car. Although they are familiar with the functions of GPS car tracker, they do not understand the installation position of GPS car tracker, and even do not understand how to install, thus GPS car tracker does not work. The follow let me tell you how to install the GPS car tracker:


1. Understand the structure of the vehicle and determine the best installation plan.


2. Confirm a suitable installation position for the GPS car tracker. In addition to the external accessories, installation position of the GPS car tracker should be in concealed place. The GPS car tracker should be installed in a stable, shockproof, waterproof, insulated, concealed location. The GPS car tracker antenna should receive face up and the horizontal inclination not more than 15°. There should be no metal objects on the antenna.


3. Find the power line that is nearest to the terminal (DC 12~24V) and ignition switch line (ACC). The color and position of these lines are marked.


4. The wiring is started after the installation position of each component is selected. The wiring should be neat and tidy, as close as possible to the original alignment of the vehicle. The wiring harness must be completely wrapped with electrical tape to avoid the high temperature zone and prevent the wire harness from being squeezed by some moving parts. In addition, the antenna of the GPS car tracker is hidden as far as possible, so that it is not easy to be broken or artificially cut.

GPS car tracker

5. Line connection. When wiring is required, the original wire should be pulled apart by a stripping core, and then the parallel core is pierced and twisted, then it needs to be wired and operated. The ends of two wires should be are divided into two, then connect them to ensure a firm connection. The vehicle terminal is connected to each accessory, the connectors are aligned and the output wires and input wires are connected.


6. The new opening of all the exposed wires are finally wrapped with waterproof electrical tape to avoid corrosion.


7. Connect the host and then turn on the backup power. If you need to replace the card, follow the following procedure: Turn off the backup power supply - pull the host harness (disconnect the main power) - change the card - connect the host harness - open the standby power function to detection.


8. Turning on the power to test and check whether the indicators are normal or not, the yellow light (GSM signal) flashes once for three seconds to read the SIM card, and the green light (GPS signal) flashes once for one seconds that is regarded as the positioning (note: different device lights will not The same meaning).


9. The terminal and each accessory are bonded with high-strength double-sided tape. It is recommended to use a cable tie to tighten and fix.


10. Log in to the car inspection platform through the computer or mobile APP to check whether the car has been online. If it is normal, it means that the car GPS locator is installed.

GPS car tracker

Installation Precautions:


1. In order to avoid thief damage, equipment selection should be as concealed as possible;

2. Do not put the device and the power source together, such as anti-theft devices, and other in-vehicle communication equipment;

3. Can be fixed with a cable tie;

4. The device has a built-in GSM antenna and a GPS antenna. The installation should ensure that the GPS car tracker is facing up (toward the sky).

5. When the conditions permit, two GPS car trackers can be installed. After the thief dismantles one, he will not go to find another one.