How to make GPS car positioning devices better applied to logistics fleet

2019/9/10 10:43:19

GPS car positioning devices go deep into all aspects of our lives, such as highway inspections, valuable cargo tracking logistics, public security personnel tracking and dispatching, and even detective work, not to mention car burglar, bicycle burglar, electric car burglar, motorcycle burglar, bank Banknotes, military and police exercises, checkpoint tracking, official car management and many more.

With the rapid development of the logistics industry, China's logistics infrastructure and technology have been greatly improved, but at the same time there are some problems in the logistics industry: such as lost orders, customer damage or errors, vehicles can not be sent well, etc. This phenomenon gradually emerged.

So, after we find these problems, what can we do to effectively solve them? Today I will discuss with you the GPS car positioning devices in the logistics industry.

Most people know that GPS car positioning devices include positioning terminals, monitoring platforms and vehicles.

GPS car positioning devices

GPS terminals are front-end devices for vehicle monitoring and management systems and are typically installed in various vehicles in a secret manner. Here the antenna has external and built-in, generally the external antenna signal will be stronger.

The positioning monitoring platform is the core of the dispatching command system and is a remote visualized command monitoring and management platform. For all platforms, the vehicle is monitored online, and the system's electronic map can visually show the vehicle's position and fuel consumption trajectory.

The monitoring center performs real-time, centralized, intuitive and controllable monitoring and scheduling of the running vehicles.

GPS car positioning devices can achieve the following by tracking and regulating vehicles:

1. The transparency of the logistics and transportation process ensures the safe delivery of the goods and solves the traditional logistics situation of “the goods are delivered without knowing”.

2. Solve the problem of difficult logistics dispatching and management, keep abreast of the status of each vehicle, and improve the operational level and monitoring ability of the vehicle;

3. It is convenient for personnel management and dispatching, recording the entire journey of the vehicle, avoiding the phenomenon of private use of the bus, pulling private activities and disorderly reimbursement. So choose GPS car positioning devices to see if there are track playback, fleet management, cross-border alarms, electronic fences, speed alarms and more. There is also the key to the after-sales, because you want to use the platform, so don't just be cheap.

GPS car positioning devices

The advantages of installing a car GPS terminal on a vehicle are as follows:

1. Real-time positioning

You can check the vehicle's trajectory at any time, and you can retrieve the vehicle through the trajectory even if the vehicle is stolen.

2. The vehicle's oil and gas operation, anti-theft and monitoring can be turned off by mobile phone or computer platform to open the smart vehicle life.

3. Reducing more expenses is more conducive to the management of enterprises. Large vehicles in the company are often difficult to manage. Employees often report expenses indiscriminately, causing unnecessary expenses for the company. At the same time, the enthusiasm of employees can also be evaluated in practice.