How to management fleet gps tracker system better

2017/6/26 11:12:06

Management team of vehicles, from your mobile phone.To regain control of your business.Real-time gps tracking vehicles.Select vehicles, or group to show or hide.

Lack of efficiency can cause 30% wasteful overhead, unreliable drivers are accidents waiting to happen, you don’t want to pay for the consequences. Eliminate the risks and get peace of mind knowing your fleet is optimized and safe at anytime.

We, Great Will Vehicle GPS Tracker , has best solution for different function. 

For fleet management: 

Wireless: TR20, TR21(with magnet)

With cable Wire: TR06S, TR07, GT06N

Platfrom service: 1 year free platfrom(after 1 year, if order keeps 100pcs at least, life time free platfrom; if not 4usd/year); We can help to build secondary platform with your company logo.(only 400usd for total) It's easy to manage your account and devices.