How to use GPS Car locator device correctly

2017/8/28 15:37:55

Car gps tracker device is built-in GPS module and mobile communication module terminal, used to GPS module to obtain the positioning data through the mobile communication module (gsm / gprs network) to a server on the Internet, which can be achieved on the computer Query the terminal location.

Method / step

installation method

Plug-in power GPS locator must be connected to the car power supply before they can work 24 hours, the general lawless elements want to use this product to track other vehicles, is impossible. Because it must be connected with the car power supply, the difference between the general plug-in locator. So it is not recommended to use plug-in power.

Installation path

1, if you understand the electricity, then you can also install, in fact, as long as the car to find the positive and negative power supply, the negative power is very easy to find, The place where the car body is made of iron is the negative pole, positive pole in the insurance box to find, near the car key switch or directly To the battery

2, best connection point to electricity, is not affected by the car key switch, from the car battery directly lead over the power cord;

3, pay attention to the GPS locator has a side of the light to the sky, toward the sky side of the metal do not close to the internal GPS antenna, it also received 20,000 km outside the satellite signal;

4, can also ask the relevant technical staff installed, depending on the specific circumstances of the charges!

Installation location

1. Front windshield above the roof lights;

2. the front windshield below the decorative plate shelter;

3. The front dashboard around the shelter;

4. in the door partition;

5. under the windshield under the decorative panels;

6. Front bumper inside, pay attention to waterproof;

7. wiper board, pay attention to waterproof.

Note: If the windshield paste metal insulation layer or heating layer, will reduce the GPS receiver signal, resulting in GPS work disorders. At this point pay attention to replace the equipment installation location.

Installation points

1. To avoid thieves damage, equipment selection should be hidden as much as possible;

2. Avoid putting together with the launch source, such as wireless reversing radar, anti-theft device, and other vehicle communication equipment;

3. Can be used to tie the tape fixed, or with wide sponge strong double-sided adhesive paste can be;

4. The equipment has GSM antenna and GPS antenna, the installation should ensure that the front up (toward the sky).