How to use GPS anti-theft tracker

2017/12/5 10:24:11

GPS / GSM / GPRS car tracker, insert China Mobile Card, the signal is relatively strong, when positioning to receive GPS signals, the positioning is relatively accurate (20 meters), and time tracking can be achieved once a 30 seconds, so Such a locator, used to monitor the car GPS is very good, but GPS is indoors can not be located, we may have an experience that is to get the navigation home, you can not locate the reason is because Indoor can not receive GPS signal,

Metal and buildings will be on the GPS signal shielding, so in general, can not put the locator at the bottom, so can not  receive the GPS signal, but the rear part of the rear parking radar that part of the bumper is plastic, not shielding the GPS signal , So it's best to be in this car for screening and tracking cars.

GPS where to place the method, according to the figure, in this position to find a place with iron, it is good to take our GPS on it (only with a magnet GPS only this feature)

Car gps tracker positioning platform

At present, many software makers in China can provide a positioning platform for car trackers. In general, some well-known domestic electronic maps and GOOGLE satellite maps are built in. Users simply log in to the platform with the terminal and password they provide for remote control of the car's positioner and the current location of the car's positioner on the platform.