How to use GPS locator to play its true role

2019/12/24 15:14:24

Many people buy GPS locator to monitor the vehicle, they all know to check the location of the vehicle, or to deal with it in time if there is an abnormality in the vehicle. So how do we use it to achieve the effect we want?


Let's talk about how to use it from two user groups.


1. Individual user groups.


2. Car loan company / rental company user group.


The primary purpose of individual user groups using GPS locators is to monitor their vehicles in real time and view the location of the vehicles. Some of them are also used to prevent timely alarm messages when vehicles are stolen. This type of user can choose a wired GPS locator, because wired locators generally have some alarm functions. Such as vibration alarm, electronic fence, offline alarm and so on. When your car stays for a long time, you can activate the corresponding functions, these functions are more convenient to send through the mobile APP. The other is the oil cut-off function, which requires an external relay. But when you connect the relay, you need a professional to operate it, otherwise the car may be abnormal because of bad wiring or the quality of the relay itself is not close. At that time, it was impossible to tell whether it was a car problem or a device problem. Be careful when choosing whether to connect a relay.


GPS locator

User groups of car loan companies / leasing companies generally choose two types of wiring and wireless locators. Users of the company type, because there is an agreed contract with the customer, so the functional requirements of the wiring products do not need to be too much, as long as it can be monitored in real time, the disassembly alarm is fine. The disassembly alert is to prevent customers from removing the GPS tracker without permission. The requirements for wireless products are much higher.


The wireless GPS locator must have functions such as strong concealment, long standby time, convenient operation, switch to chase mode, and regular wake-up positioning. Once the vehicle is found abnormal, we can start the wireless locator to track it. Because it is hidden, it is generally not easy to find, so you can track it before the user has found it. In the case of not being used normally, you can choose the mode of positioning once a day to save the device's power as much as possible so that it can be used at critical moments.